Body, Shape, Form

Photograph Career Tree Response

  1. Technical Careers, specifically being a video editor.
  2. Meeting with the director or production team to determine the vision and specifications of the project, reviewing raw material, shooting script and shot list to create a coherent and engaging video, Manipulating and editing film pieces using modern editing techniques and software, maintaining continuity, quality and brand guidelines throughout the video, adding appropriate sounds, graphics, effects and transitions to enhance the video, are all responsibilities.
  3. I’m not sure where i would like to live.
  4. Being able to edit clips for movie or tv shows for people to enjoy.
  5. bachelor’s degree in a field related to film or broadcasting, 1-2 years of experience in related fields, and a proficiency in video-editing software and camera operation.

Travel Poster

I would like to travel to Florence because of the rich history the city of Florence has. The city is also really beautiful and breathtaking, to be able to spend my time there would be nice. Florence also has multiple historical monuments for sightseeing.  

3 Nation Geographic Covers

This magazine cover is my favorite because, of how the picture is underwater, I enjoy how you can’t tell what some of the background objects are.
This magazine cover is one of my favorites because, of the details of the water and ship. The water being pitch black instead of the impacted waves makes the water more mysterious while the pink sky helps set the mood of the picture.
This magazine cover is one of my favorites because, of how interesting there it looks. I love how the boat is in mid- air on one side and the other is smashing into the waves of the sea. The impact from the wave makes the photo look more enjoyable.

Editing in Lightroom

3 difference and similarities between photo shop and lightroom,


  1. editing in photoshop, you have to open a bunch of different tabs/windows just to edit one thing.
  2. Exporting in photoshop is a whole lot easier to me then in lightroom.
  3. Lightroom doesn’t tell you the MASIL of the photo.


  1. You can only export one at a time.
  2. The healing tool works the same way.
  3. You can edit your colors anyway you like in either app.


Floral, bright, mad, pretty, sad, upset, pink, welcoming, soft, glowy, warm, tired, peachy, focused, dreamy, pastel, rosy, beautiful, lovely, low, dry, greyish, doll, photogenic, calm.